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Our Mission:

Our mission is to honor Thomas’s life by promoting living kindly and making responsible choices in all aspects of life, including regarding driving while impaired. We will do this through example, gathering and sharing information, reaching out to our community (earth) in times of need and to support especially the various issues that Tom took to heart such as homelessness, children's illnesses, and general acts of Good Samaritanism, and to address laws concerning the prevention of wrong-way drivers on our highways.

Why we are here:
On July 17, 2010, my son Tommy and his friend Stephen were killed by a wrong-way, drunk/drugged driver when coming home from fishing together. This foundation was created to honor Tommy's life, the good things about how he lived, and what would be pleasing to him to have carried on in his memory. When I do anything to honor him, share who he is with people, and teach about his kind heart, is when I feel good at all about my life as it is without him in it.Our foundation will reflect in its operations what was important to Thomas, which was to honor God, and give of himself to the world. Tom had a strong Christian faith, and never hid that in his business, among his friends, etc. In that faith, he knew that love has no boundaries, that all people of any faith can come together in kindness, to help others, and give from the heart. That's how this foundation will be run, reflecting his heart and soul, his love, his generosity and kindness, his faith and his belief that differences do not have to separate us. His life was too short for him to fully enjoy the fruit of all he fought so hard for, and through. Through this foundation, we will keep his spirit alive and active, still touching the planet and bringing the good he so wanted to bring. Our focus will be on promoting kind and responsible living through example, teaching, gathering and sharing information, reaching out to our community (earth) in times of need, raising funds/goods to help in times of crisis, illness, etc, and in support of other helping organizations. Our primary efforts will address the matters that Tom took to heart, such as homelessness, children's illnesses, and more. We invite all who are interested in joining together to strive to live kindly and responsibly and to promote this among others, to join us. The requirement is a willing heart and a promise to live kindly and choose responsibly, and promote these in others.Some examples of Tom's inspiring ways:Tom never passed a beggar on the street without giving him something to eat, even if he had to turn around to go back. He once saw an old man shivering on the sidewalk outside of a mall where Tom had just bought a jacket for himself. He couldn't afford the one he wanted, so got a lesser one and still, when he saw that man, he brought him inside and bought him a brand new coat! We wish to promote these kinds of loving acts among our members and more.He talked about one day becoming a Christian counselor, working with those in addiction. He never passed by someone broken down on the roadside, but always stopped to help. no matter if his mom was at home wondering where he was! Once he came home with about 5 guys in his car. I’d been waiting for him, and asked who are those guys.. he said “they were broken down on the highway, we couldn't get their car started, so I'm giving them a ride home,.” He risked his life to save a kitten in the middle of a busy city street.. that is now my 11 year old Moonshadow!He wanted to be a responsible husband, father, son, etc, and he never touched a single drink since the age of 20. Yet he lost his life, along with his friend, when a drunk driver crashed into them head on. Promoting responsibility and kindness can save lives make a difference more far reaching than many may know. "Tommy's Law" Our primary goal for this foundation's work aside from helping others as above, is to to fight for the insertion of spikes on our highway ramps to prevent anyone, drunk, drugged, confused, ill, distracted, etc, from ever getting on a highway in the wrong direction. The numbers of families in my support groups that have had their loved ones stolen this way are countless. It won't prevent all crashes, but a significant amount, of the more violent crashes that happen at higher speeds on our highways. It's a far better use of tax dollars than to be spent on cleaning up after such deadly crashes. Also, clearly the devastation of a wrong way crash is far more likely to be fatal to everyone involved than other types of crashes.I had set the goal to have this foundation officially open by July 17, 2013, Tom's 3rd year memorial date, even if all we had at that point is an official title and tax free number to get started. However, circumstances took us beyond that date and at last, on October 1, 2013 his birth month, we got the call, we were ready to begin the legal details! Happy birth month Tom! The memorial date event every year will be used as our major fundraising event, and will focus on fun, family and community togetherness. We will have various events throughout the year. The members who join this foundation will be asked to take an oath to promote by example and teaching, kindness and responsibility in all aspects of living.Some things we will do : Dinners, fishing events, walk/runs, yard sales, car washes, big events small events... we are open to all kinds of ideas.No matter how small or big this gets, doesn't matter, there can only be success in any good that is accomplished.

"Thomas J. Serewicz, Sr., Beloved Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Uncle, Friend, A Treasured Life Stolen By A Drunk Driver."
 God Bless us all!
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