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Coconut Oil Coffee, Kind To Your Taste Buds, Responsible To Your Health! LOVE THIS!!!!!

Hello everyone. Being kind to yourself with enjoyable ways to maximize your health, and responsible in taking care of you, is a great example for others, and can mean less worry for those who love you, and better quality of life for you! Probably most of you have heard of the health benefits of Bulletproof Coffee... blended with grass-fed butter. Maybe you tried it, or drink it regularly. I tried it for a while, but didn't enjoy it enough to stick with it. So I just use grass-fed butter VS others while cooking, etc, for it's enzymes that are so healthy. I've been trying to incorporate coconut oil into my diet regularly, for brain health, and so many other benefits, along with lots of other good things, and eliminating all, or at least, most, of the not-so-good. Today I thought, if people put butter in coffee, why not coconut oil? So I tried just stirring some in and it is was much more enjoyable to me than butter! Then I found out through Google, this is a "thing"... Who knew? Not me!

I found a recipe right away, and followed it. EVEN BETTER than just stirring it in! AND SO EASY! I changed it up some, doing things my own way a bit, as I usually do. I'm thrilled to share with you this new-to-me way to LOVE coffee EVEN MORE!! AND to add beneficial coconut oil to my morning routine. If you are not a fan of coconut, try this anyway, just use 1 tsp of oil VS 2 in a mug of coffee. There isn't a strong coconut flavor, in my opinion, that way. But I like coconut, so next time I'll try 2 tsps. First, let's be responsible and provide the link to The Coconut Mama, where I found the recipe, and where you can read more about why coconut oil is so good for you.

Here you go: How I made mine: Hot organic coffee in the blender (I used my Nutra Ninja). 1 tsp coconut oil, (hard, right out of the jar). A little Stevia/monk fruit combination. The Coconut Mama uses honey. I'll try pure maple syrup next time, for it minerals.

A little low fat milk the recipe didn't call for. AND BLEND! That's it!! sooooo gooood and soooooo HEALTHY!!! YAY!!! A way to enjoy my coffee even more, and get in the coconut oil I need every day, all in one step! I hope you love it too!!! Here's mine, in my pot-belly Polish Pottery mug, all frothy and delicious!

#coffee #coconutoil #healthy

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