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Planting Seeds For Growing Healthier Choices

Building on the coconut oil coffee blog from yesterday, I decided to incorporate the idea into something nice and healthy for my grandsons, Tommy's little boys. I heated up some almond milk, and put it in the Nutra Ninja with unsweetened cocoa powder, some chocolate protein powder (the healthy kind, many out there are not), blue agave, a little Stevia and, you guessed it, coconut oil. Whirled it around, and with a little tweaking to please their taste buds, they loved it!! So good for them. I'm trying to teach them about taking care of their body's cells. They are always craving snacks, ie cookies, pretzels, etc. I told them that's because they aren't getting enough of the right foods to their cells so their cells keep asking for food, and that they don't consider non-nutritious snacks their food. I told them if a car could ask for gas, and you gave it sand instead, it will still need gas. They are quite interested when putting into these kinds of metaphors they can relate to. It's fun to watch their facial expressions and see the wheels turning! lol! They are learning that there are ways to have a treat that's just as tasty as less healthy ones, but that make you feel good and are the right choices for their cells. They are learning, but, I can't say they won't be asking for "sand", lol, but we can plant the seed for making healthy, responsible choices.

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